Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

 Level 1 StylistLevel 2 StylistLevel 3 Stylist
Classic Full Set$150$175$200
90-120 minute service with full consultation. One extension per natural eyelash. We carry varying lengths and thickness to truly customize a look to best suit you.
Classic Fill (50-60 min)$55$65$75
Clean up and removal of grown out lashes. Eyelash extensions restored to full set status.
Classic Partial (30min)$30 $40$50
A great maintenance appointment if you need more for a special occasion or vacay. Must be made 2 weeks or less from last fill.
Lower Eyelashes$30 $30 $30
30 minute service to fill your bottom lash line to compliment the top lashes
Volume Full Set$250$275$300
120-150 minute service where handmade fans of multiple super fine extensions are applied
Volume Fill$75$85$95
90 minute service for clean-up and restoration of volume fans
Additional Lash Service Time
For when you need a little extra love on that lash line.
Service Time (15 min)$15$15$15
Service Time (30 min$30 $30 $30
Welcome Back full set is 25% off Current full set pricing!


We highly recommend fills to be done between 2-3 weeks for best maintenance.

If you any reason you cannot make you appointment we require 24 notice please.  We understand that there will be emergencies so we all one free pass.

Tinting Eyelashes and or Brows  
Vegetable based dye is used to tint you fair or gray hair on lashes and or brows.
Up to 30 minute service
Facial Hair Threading
A hair removal process where by a thread is doubled and twisted and rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level. Threading can remove rows of hair at a time. I offers more precise control and no chemicals or residue.
Eyebrows$1530 minute service
Lip/Chin$1015-20 minute service
Sides or Full Face add on$2530 minute service

Micro-Pigmentation or Micro-Blading (semi-permanent make up)

Consultations are required before appointment for these services can be made.  A pre-appointment info sheet and intake forms can be emailed to you prior to your appointment so that you will be prepared and informed.

Any type of pigment implantation to the skin will have varying results depending on how your body metabolizes the pigment, lifestyle and skin exposure.  Most clients do well with the application and free touch up but on occasion a second touch up is required for best results.

This service is fabulous if you are done applying eyeliner daily only to have it smudge or get into your eyes.  For brows it will frame your face, fill in sparse areas or it can be a complete reconstruction of the brow.  Even when the pigment starts to fade some, It is  wonderful to still have something there or a quick shape guide to fill in with powder or pencil if necessary.  You’ll wonder why you waited so long!

Micro-Blade Brows$500Hand tool pigmentation with fine lines that mimic natural hair – 2hrs
Full powder brow$450 Machine applied color to create, shape and define brows
Upper Eyeliner $225Lower Eyeliner$225Combo$400
1st Touch upFree Must be made 4-8 weeks after initial application
Touch up Eyeliner$75Combo$100
T/U Powder Brows $75Micro-blade$100

Packages – For All Stylist Levels

Since you already love your lashes and plan on keeping them anyway….  Purchase your fills in advance and get a “we sincerely appreciate your business savings!”  They do not expire but additional lash fees may apply if there are more than 3 weeks between appointments.  Save time checking out too!!

10 % Savings on Series 6 Lash Fills
Level 1 Fill Series 6$297Total Savings $33Level 1 Volume 6$405Total Savings $45
Level 2 Fill Series 6$351Total Savings $39Level 2 Volume 6$459Total Savings $51
Level 3 Fill Series 6$405Total Savings $45Level 3 Volume 6$513Total Savings $57
15% Savings on Series 12 Lash Fills
Level 1 Fill Series 12$561Total Savings $100Level 1 Volume 12$765Total Savings $135
Level 2 Fill Series 12$663Total Savings $117Level 2 Volume 12$867Total Savings $150
Level 3 Fill Series 12$765Total Savings $135Level 3 Volume 12$969Total Savings $171
20% Savings on Series 24 Lash Fill
Level 1 Fill Series 24$1056Total Savings $240Level 1 Volume 24$1440Total Savings $360
Level 2 Fill Series 24$1248Total Savings $312Level 2 Volume 24$1632Total Savings $408
Level 3 Fill Series 24$1440Total Savings $369Level 3 Volume 24$1824Total Savings $456

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